Lilydale Area School News 1953

Excerpt from The Examiner 17/12/1953

The purchase of 26 acres of land for a school farm was one of the main improvements to the Lilydale Area School during the year stated the head teacher Mr WJ Thornton in his annual report.

Other improvements included the erection of a prefabricated classroom and a lavatory block for the infant school. In addition Mr Thornton said the public works department has prepared a plan for a school recreation ground and it is hoped work will commence shortly. The average attendance this year was 299.

Pupils who gained full attendance marks this year were Maureen Arnold (three years), Dolores Bassett, Beverly Hodgetts, Jessie Symons, David Taylor, Bill Rowley, Peter Youl and Terry Shepherd (two years), Terry Smith, Ron Smith, George Swain, Ken Dolbey and Ruth Franklin (one year)

Margaret Watkins who has served for three years as a patrol officer was presented with the road safety council medallion. Certificates were also presented to Pat Brown who has served for two years and Noelene Lockett, Dolores Bassett, Margery Symons, Robert Hawes, Max Hammersley, George Smith and Ronald Hammersley (one year).

Five children qualified for admission to secondary schools. They are Tony Kettle, Robert Burke, Gwen Freeman, Beverly Rebecca and Dianne Brooks.Those who gained modern school certificates were Maureen Arnold (dux of the school), Henry Franklin, Harley Miller and Pat Brown, Presentations were made to two teachers who have been transferred. They are Mr D Jones who is appointed to Royal George and Miss M Chick who goes to Boat Harbour Area School. Mr CF Roberts (Charles St) and Miss G Maddock (Glenora) will fill the vacancies.

Duces for 1953: Grades: 1a Leonie Rush, 1b Vicki Sulzberger, 2a Eileen Kettle and Carol Lowe, 2b Barbara Smith and Robert Youl, 3 Kaye Viney, 4 Ken Turner, 5 Margaret Murfett, 6 Valerie Cook. 7 Dolores Bassett, 8 Gaye Arnold, 9 and school Maureen Arnold.

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