Tunnel Sports
North Eastern Advertiser February 1st 1927 (Tuesday)

In aid of hall funds-Some close finishes
Tunnel Picnic sports were held on Monday last in Mr C Haas’ paddock and attracted a good attendance, the gate takings being over 13 pounds. Entries in all events were very satisfactory and close finishes occurred.

Results: 10” chop:

First Heat:
D Harrison 1st
J Keogh 2nd
R Pollard 3rd

Second Heat
W Shipton 1st
T Sulzberger 2nd
H Bassett 3rd

Third Heat
C Colgrave 1st
J.C. Jacobson 2nd
V Nicholls 3rd

The final was won by C Colgrave with W Shipton 2nd and T Sulzberger 3rd
C Colgrave won the 100 yard Handicap footrace from R.C. Howlett
The maiden trot was won easily by A Glovers Biddy Byron and the open trot by J Rices Jack

Guessing the weight of a sheep (119 pounds) was won by G.D. Bird whose guess was 118 pounds.

In the evening a ball was held in the local hall. All profits from the day will be devoted to improvements to the Tunnel Hall.

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