S J Arnold

Mr Arnold is an experienced motor mechanic and pesonally repairs motor cars and motor cycles.
He is also the district agent for the Indian motor ccles and does a large business with these famous cycles in the locality. Mr Arnold is a fully qualified motor mchanic and guarantees all his repair work. The Indian motor cycles are well known for their high efficiency and Mr Arnold has one of the latest models in view in his workshop.


W Erb Proprietor

The only accommodation house in Lilydale is the Railway Café situated as the name implies in close proximity to the railway station. Mr LW Erb personally manages the establishment. The premises are commodious and fitted with all modern conveniences. Special provision is made for tourists, visitors and travellers. The bedrooms are spotlessly clean and very inviting with their modern furniture and snow white bed linen. The dining room is large and airy and tastefully decorated and is capable of comfortably seating a large number.


This establishment is well known for the satisfying meals provided for travellers who are recognised as judges of good fare. The cooking is conducted on modern methods and the utmost cleanliness is observed.


Numbers of tourists who visit Mount Arthur, Lilydale Falls and the surrounding attractions make the railway cafe their head quarters. Hampers can be obtained by motorists desirous of having al fresco luncheon and also by picnic parties whether staying at the house or making a day picnic in the vicinity of Lilydale.

Special provision is make to convey tourists to the various scenic attractions and travellers to any part of the district. Mr Erb has reliable comfortable vehicles for hire at all times. Attached to the boarding house is an excellent little shop, which supplies all demands for fresh fruit, vegetables, cordials, tobaccos, cigars and cigarettes.


F Proctor

Mr Proctor who has been in business in Lilydale for the past 36 years is very well and favourably known not only in Lilydale, but also throughout all the surrounding districts, and right up the far North West. An extensive business is conducted in horse shoeing. Every horse shod is done under the proprietor’s personal supervision with the result that general satisfaction is given to all customers


The machinery in this business is claimed by the owner to be the most up to date in the state. In Lilydale and surrounding districts a great amount of heavy carting is done and strong and well made vehicles are essential for this. Every vehicle is guaranteed and only the best material is used while no effort is spared to get the desired effect of best workmanship.


Mr Proctor specialises in timber, trucks, heavy wagons and drays and the high quality and strength, combined with the splendid finish of these vehicles manufactured, is recognised throughout the island. Orders have been received from Hobart and Launceston and extensive business is done on the northeast and east coasts where strong vehicles are required for timber carting.


The high standard of finishing which is characteristic of the firms heavier work is also embodied in all light vehicles and conveyances manufactured by Mr Proctor. Coupled with this is neatness and design. Numerous Proctor turnouts have been giving satisfaction in the district for many years, the residents realise that apart from there being no need to go past Mr Proctor for their requirements it would be imposable to be better suited anywhere in the state.


Bardenhagen Bros.

The model and up to date butchering business speaks well for the proprietor’s enterprise and industry, which have played no small part in bringing the business to its present flourishing state. The firm who are keen butchers and realising that the residents of Lilydale and surrounding district have supported their efforts supply them with the highest grades of meat the state can produce.


The high standard in bread manufacturing is well known throughout the district. This branch of the business is also under the personal supervision of the proprietors. Modern methods, with the utmost cleanness in the manufacture of the bread, while only the best ingredients are used.

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