The 31st Annual Lilydale Farmers and Fruitgrowers Association  Show was opened in 1927 by the Premier of Tasmania Mr JA Lyons.

Apart from the fine weather a notable feature was the lavender exhibit of Mr Denny’s and the dainty little sachets of lavender found a ready sale among patrons.


The day was slightly marred as the sporting events, timed to get underway at 1pm did not get underway until 2.30 and many people had to leave the ground to catch the trains.


L Simmonds took home most of the apple trophies receiving awards for Dessert Apples, Culinary Apples, Sturmers, Jonathons, Tasmas, London Pippin, Dunns (Munros Favourites), Croftons, Cleopatras, Granny Smith, Fameuse (Pomme de Neige), Esopus, Ribstons and Alexanders.


Mrs T Whiting won the “Best Sponge Cake award” in the Home Produce Section and some other successful cooks were Mrs Burke, Mrs W Viney, Miss G Erb, Mrs Grandfield, Miss I Arnold and Mrs R Brooks.


The best collections’ of vegetables were provided by H Fulton 1st and P Arnold 2nd.


Needlework was a popular section. Some of the items shown were Crochet Work, Camisoles, Handmade Silk Nightdress, Crocheted Top Nightdress, Raffia Basket, Knitted Childs Woollen Frock, Woollen jumper, Doyleys, Crocheted Tea Cosy, Embroidered Cotton Dress, Knitted sox, Darning and Cushions.


Photos and Paintings

Best Three Scenic Photos (local) Miss Muriel Kerkham 1st, Mrs R Brooks 2nd

Holiday Snaps: Mrs H Turner 1st, Mrs R Brooks 2nd

Oil Painting: Mrs M Staubi


Flowers were in profusion and Mr WJ Walker was the most successful exhibitor


Children were not forgotten with prizes a available for the best homework books in varying age groups. Prizewinners included Ray Pollard, Carl Von Schill, Olive Osbourne, Ruby Brown, Gladys Colgrave, Donald Brown, Jack Pollard and F Brown.


Chopping, of course was a popular attraction with 22 competitors in the two events. Coincidentally there were also 22 entries in the two trotting events. Winners of the chopping events were W Shipton (Lebrina) and sixty year old G Brown from Lilydale. Minor placings filled by R Kelp (Lilydale), TE Sulzberger (Lilydale), JF Wallace (Tunnel) and AH Pearton (Patersonia)


The trotting events provided some excitement when in the Mile Handicap G Titmus “May Cleve”(348 yds bhd) 1st and George Haas “Mischief Bells” (204 yds bhd) 2nd steadily pulled from behind with half a head separating them on the post. Third was George Harrisons “Harold Winn”(192 yds bhd)


The One and a Half Mile Handicap event saw George Harrisons “Mischief Bells” (306 yds bhd) defeat G McCarthy’s “Sweetser”. G Titmus “May Cleve” despite her large handicap (582 yards behind) managed third place.


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