MacFarlane’s History of North East Tasmania, published in 2007 by the North Eastern Advertiser 

The Methodist Church

Plans to erect a Methodist Church were made in 1890, an arrangement being made that should the Presbyterians be willing to assist in building it, the Methodist congregation would surrender its right to the use of the Union building to that body.

Mr. L. Bardenhagen came forward with a block of ground, tenders were called, and the new church was opened on August 24, 1890, services being conducted by the Rev. G.S. Lloyd.

The first church lights were kerosene lamps, but were replaced by acetylene gas three years later.  In 1898 a Gloria plant was put in, and then in 1940 modern lighting was introduced in the form of electricity.  A parsonage was erected in 1920.

The Church held its diamond jubilee in 1950.  During the previous year the Methodist Church at Tunnel was moved to Lilydale, and re-erected beside the Church to serve as a Sunday School.


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