Leslie Arthur Proctor MBE

Leslie Arthur Proctor MLC & MBE was born at Lefroy. He started work in his fathers Lilydale blacksmith shop in 1898. In 1906 he married Miss Mary Rae Turner. The family lived in the house on the Lilydale side of the Recreation ground.

Mr Proctor had a full and distinguished political career and was known as the “Grand old Man”of the Lilydale municipality.  A veteran of state and local government he was held in high esteem by his colleagues




Mr Leslie Arthur Proctor fourth from right. The building behind the
is the Court House in the Main St of Lilydale, which is still
used a
s a meeting place today.

Mr Proctor started his career with the Lilydale council and was warden for  33 years during his 45 year long association. He attended his first meeting as a representative for the Tankerville Ward in April 1912 and in 1918 he became warden for the first time. He was elected to represent South Esk in the legislative council in 1939 and retired in 1962 after 23 years of service. He was awarded an MBE in 1944. Mr Proctor was also a trustee of the Lilydale Methodist Church

On the occasion of his retirement from local council in 1957 several messages of congratulations on his record term of service to local Government were received from Parliamentary and civic leaders and it was said that Mr Proctor was one of Tasmania’s finest sons and his word was his bond.

Mr Proctor had the distinction of having the longest continuous service of any member of the Lilydale council

In 1962 members of the Legislative council farewelled the “Father of the House” (Mr L Proctor) at a special dinner at Parliament House. It was reported in the local papers that Mr Proctor was visibly moved as members paid tribute to his 24 years service in the Upper House. The president of the Council (Mr Henry Baker) said Mr Proctor possessed the characteristics of deep sincerity and a profound honesty of purpose in his public life. On the floor he combined wisdom with brevity he said. The Government leader (Mr Dálton) said it was in keeping with the great tradition of Parliament that Mr Proctor, the lowly boy with no schooling could play an equal part, in guiding the destiny of the state with academics. Mr Proctor added a lustre to the Parliament.

Mr Proctor responded: I don’t pretend I have always voted for the best but I have always voted for what I thought at the time was the right thing.”

The deputy President (Mr Brown ) presented Mr Proctor, who is an  inveterate pipe smoker with a full smoking kit and a coloured autographed picture of state Parliament.

Mr LA Proctor passed away at Nazareth House Launceston in April 1968 aged 83. Five members of Parliament acted as pallbearers at his funeral which was held at Carr Villa crematorium.

ANECDOTE:  A local resident of Lilydale (who coincidentally was an employee of Mr Proctor) described Les as not very tall but very strong. He remembers one time a  circus came to town. One of the acts was a “Strong Man.” Volunteers were asked up from the audience. Naturally Les, who had a “strong” reputation, was voted to go up. Apparently he lifted 94lb above his head with one hand!   


Leslie Arthur Proctor MBE

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